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PT Dimata Sora Jayate,  a company for Information Technology in Denpasar- Bali, looking for staff for position of Software Developer (Programmer), tester and implementator of information systems.

The qualifications of Software Developer (Programmer) are :

  1. Education of Computer Science and Information Technology. 
  2. Having the ability to develop web applications
  3. Having knowledge of object-based programming language (OOP), preferably Java
  4. Having the ability to structured databases, such as MySQL

The qualifications of  tester and implementator of information systems are :

  1. Minimum Education D3/D4/S1 Management, Accounting, and Hospitality 
  2. Having good communication skills
  3. Understanding Science in Accounting, Hospitality Management and Personnel Mangement
  4. Mastering the use of computers and the internet
  5. Understanding the concept of information system 
  6. Can work independently and team 
  7. Ready when - time to work out of town on their own 
  8. Willing to make a commitment to work together with Dimata

Send CV and work application to