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Dimata Hairisma is a power full integrated information system for managing employee data for human resource department, finance department as well as for the whole company. Dimata Hairisma is a usefull and efficient tools to speed up data aquitiation, data processing and reporting of employee and company data

  1. Dimata Human Resource Management is system group of modules intended for managing employees data in human resource management.
  2. Dimata Payroll System is system groups of modules  with functionlities  for managing employee payroll data including overtime and employee benefits.

Dimata Hairisma has covered all functions of HR and payroll management in hotels and other industries, because it  has been developed based on five stars hotels industries. Dimata Hairisma is webbased so that it can be set to be accessable form everywhere so long there is network connection. Means Dimata Hairisma is ready for online system operation supporting multi branches of coorporate