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Dimata ProChain is a system for Purchasing, Inventory and POS with multiple warehouses , outlets and cashier with Back Office Systems Online

Recomended many businesses such as Minimarket , Restaurant , Furniture , Textile and Garment , etc.
Prochain Inventory allows you to adjust appropriately and quickly , have a complete system module , supports multiple currencies and effectively support the success of your retail business both at the center and at the outlets.
You can determine the condition of your business such as purchasing goods, receipt of goods movement of goods into the warehouse, sales , inventory up with modern management techniques
Prochain developed with Java Web -based system that is more resistant to the virus because it can be installed on a linux system .
Prochain securing your business because it has a modern management tools and is built with Java web technologies that have proved resilient, so that your data secured

Dimata Prochain is a stable system that allows the operating company for 7 x 24 hours a week