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Our mission for the future

Let's build the world together with Dimata.

Ecommerce & Management Training

Taking courses on edX can help provide you with additional skills such as learning business and marketing management to successfully operate an online business.

Training for Student

The internship system at our place allows every student to have abilities that exceed the desired standard with a performance-based learning system.

Accounting & Tax Training

This training is designed to provide knowledge about accounting and taxation, regarding the procedures and regulations that govern therein.

Final Project for Student

The final stage of the internship process is the existence of a final project that is able to train student performance so that later they are able to compete in the workforce.

Industrial Lesson

Internship allows each student to master the knowledge that exists today. Dimata Team always works as much as possible to participate in educating the nation's life.

Online Marketing

Be a professional online marketing in the world today

Start everything and wake up with us Dimata.

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