Database Developer

Database developer will be responsible for development of data structure, data reporting, data mining features for applications as well as data communications among systems. The database systems are based on MySQL, MariaDB, as well some other DBMS i.e. Oracle DBMS and MS SQL Server based on customer’s requirements. They will work in team and interact with other teams.


  1. Perform full life-cycle development of database structure , data processing and report generation
  2. Implement business rules into database structures and define input form rules
  3. Adhere to agree upon delivery schedules
  4. Utilizes source control, continuous integration, and unit testing best practices
  5. Work cross-functionally to define and create dynamic data structure and rule for new features


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science
  2. 1+ years’ experience in related area
  3. Experience with database structure and rules
  4. Strong in data modelling and database solutions.

Career Level

  1. Database developer
  2. Team Leader
  3. Project Manager
  4. Development Manager