Manage, monitor, optimize and integrate taxpayers with current regional income.
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Optimize regional income.

Manage everything with our best application to develop your regional income.

Intelligent tapping system for convenience.

Two-way communication between Dispenda and taxpayers to be more interactive

Modernization of the taxpayer Information System

Interactive management and communication between dispenda and taxpayer.

Increase local tax revenue

Get ease in managing taxpayers in one application for your beloved area.
  • Hotel
  • Villa
  • Restaurants
  • Store
  • Entertainment
  • etc.

Discover the benefits and best features of InTans for your taxpayer.

Monitoring System

Monitoring all potential local revenue from tax, realtime, online and integrated.

Geografi Dashboard

Comes with a geography dashboard so it is easy to get location reports.

Spread and Receive Information

The ability to spread and receive information with taxpayers.

Streng then taxpayer businesses with a modern system

Get easy to manage taxpayers with today's technology.