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Process Chain Management System

Prochain Features

Multiple Branch Support

Placing a Back Office system at the Center accompanied by an optional sales system, and in each branch, a POS system is sufficient


allows the user to make purchase orders interactively based on the minimum stock quantity and monitor purchase payables


Perform receipts in several warehouses, transfers between warehouses and outlets to facilitate monitoring of warehouse receipt status

Asset Management

done easily starting the asset entry process during the opening period or while running. The category, asset group, asset mapping and depreciation features to CoA facilitate the process of calculating and analyzing assets

Adaptive Accounting

allows this system to be applied to various types of businesses, such as. retail and wholesale shops, hotels, villas, spas, restaurants, cargo, schools etc. by adjusting the approximate code structure(CoA)


allows installation process of the Dimata system on an online server. This is very useful for data security and data transfer for companies whose operations are spread across many places and have many branches

Prochain System

Process Chain Management System

Dimata since 2002 has developed the Dimata System Prochain to support the operations of various businesses in Bali and Indonesia to be able to develop in business competition that is equipped with features : GLOBAL – MOBILE – REALIBLE support PAPERLESS operation.

What will you get :

Integration System
Data security
Proactive System
24/7 system support
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