Hotel Information and Online Management System.

Villa, Spa, Hotel, Restaurant and Event Management in one application.

Complete Features

Many excellent features such as reservation, register and integration.

User Friendly

Comes with a modern look and user friendly.

Rich Accessibility

Packed with modern technology allows use on all platforms.


Supports fast and safe performance in every operation.

Develop your business management.

Manage your business management such as hotels, spas, villas, restaurants with reliable tools.

Built with Modern Technology

Hanoman was built with Java technology, JS, and modern libraries to enable the creation of reliable tools to manage your business.

Supports Flexibility and Integration

Hanoman was created to help your business from small to large, besides Hanoman has been integrated with OTA, Finger Print, Payment Gateway, PABX, etc.

Manage your business management now with Hanoman.

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